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As most people are aware, video plays an important part in business success. With its capability to visually explain and demonstrate things and concepts, businesses can use it to showcase their products and services to attract new customers.

Videos also help companies attract the best candidates, facilitate onboarding and induction as well as improving internal communications and overall productivity. 

Yet in today’s content-hungry internet age, few have the skills to make video work effectively.  That’s where iDEC smartphone video training courses come in. 

iDEC is a fool-proof method that can teach anyone to create compelling video content, using the smartphone in their pocket.  For websites, social media, internal and client-facing communications.

Whether you work for a large multi-national organisation or you’re a sole trader, iDEC video can work equally as effectively for you. Watch the video to see what you and your business can achieve with iDEC video training skills.

iDEC smartphone video training courses

Our training courses are delivered by broadcast industry professionals with years of experience in video production. From the basics of camerawork and video editing to the practicalities of directing and producing, our iDEC courses will give you and your team invaluable skills – specifically, the skills to plan, produce, film, edit and distribute a limitless stream of structured video content. Our aim is to make the regular production of high-quality video content as accessible and uncomplicated as possible for everyone.

iDEC smartphone video training courses gives you the tools to market, sell, recruit and train in the most effective and cost-effective way, significantly turbo-charging your communications while boosting your business.

iDEC stands for individual, Director, Editor, Camera-person.  The training method has been specially developed by award-winning broadcast industry professionals who have extensive experience in tv programme-making and whose portfolios include the BBC, ITV, Discovery Channel and ESPN.  

As a consequence, the skillsets you’ll learn will enable you or members of your team to create fresh, engaging and regularly updated content.  What’s more, that content can be delivered across all media platforms.  Most importantly, iDEC video production skills will, most importantly, also deliver an ongoing return on investment.

iDEC smartphone video training - delivered in a way to suit you

Our CPD accredited iDEC smartphone video training can be delivered in a variety of ways.  Whether you prefer face-to-face training, our fully digital e-learning package, webinar-based distance learning or a hybrid course combining all or some of our delivery methods, we will shape our training to suit your requirements.  

The e-learning course is designed to be self-driven.  It includes plenty of industry-insider tips, regular assessment points and quizzes to test your knowledge and keep you on track, ensuring you get the most from the iDEC training method.

In summary, the iDEC video production method is surprisingly simple to learn.  Additionally, it de-mystifies and democratises the techniques and processes that are used by broadcast video professionals around the world. 

Find the course that's right for you

We know that time is precious and for that reason our iDEC smartphone video training can be delivered in three ways.  These are face to face, as classroom-based in-person lessons or online webinars with our tutors, as industry-specific video-based online learning or as a full e-learning package.  In addition, the e-learning can be enhanced by adding hybrid options such as webinar tutorials and review sessions.  So, however you want your training to be delivered and whatever your preferred learning style, we have the course format to suit.


Our e-learning iDEC course will take you through all aspects of smartphone video production.  This course has been designed to be taken at your own pace. 

iDEC smartphone video training courses


Our in-person, multi-day iDEC courses are delivered in person by our trainers.  Either in a classroom training environment or as remote online webinars.


With a combination of our e-learning and face-to-face training you can get the best of both worlds.  Self-paced learning with on-line or in person tutoring.

iDEC smartphone video e-learning

Our iDEC smartphone video training courses

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the term used to describe the learning activities that professionals engage in to develop and enhance their skills, knowledge and capabilities throughout their careers. All of our courses are CPD Accredited through the CPD Standards Office, demonstrating that they have reached the required Continuing Professional Development standards and benchmarks.

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