Remote e-learning courses

Our CPD accredited e-learning iDEC smartphone video course is delivered in three levels that take you through all aspects of video production.  The course is designed to be taken in your own time, at your own pace. 

There are regular assessment points, quizzes to test your learning and plenty of industry insider tips to make sure you get the most from the iDEC training method.

"The result is amazing! They were able to put in practice what they learned on the courses, and we now have a lot of video support"

iDEC smartphone video e-learning course pricing

Our flagship iDEC smartphone video e-learning course is designed for businesses of all sizes, from global organisations to micro businesses.  The three levels of the e-learning course can be bought individually or as a whole.  We also offer optional live assessment and skills webinars and online tutorials. 

iDEC level 1 - the basics of video production

On completion of Level 1, you will have the skills to produce regular ‘how-to’ style videos with music, captions and voice-overs.  You will be able to tell stories using sequences and will understand and implement the iDEC pillars of individual, Director, Editor and Camera-person. 

iDEC level 2 - presenting to camera and interviews

On completion of Level 2, you will have built on your Level 1 skills, learning how to present to camera, how to conduct interviews and how to collect comments to camera or vox-pops.

iDEC level 3 - creating a long-term strategy

Level 3 provides templates for several different video production formats and facilitates the management of a long-term video production strategy.  Level 3 graduates will also learn about time-lapse video and how to use lights for interviews and pieces to camera. 

iDEC smartphone video e-learning

iDEC Level 1

the basics of video production
£ 395 ex VAT
  • Shooting video with your smartphone
  • Framing, focus and exposure
  • Basic video editing with a smartphone
  • Timeline, transitions and trimming
  • Editing a montage
  • Structure, audience and performance
  • Storytelling with sequences
  • Adding captions, titles and music
  • Production stages
  • Adding a voice over
  • Producing a 'How-to' video

iDEC Level 2

presenting to camera and interviews
£ 445 ex VAT
  • Everything in Level 1 plus . . .
  • Presenting to camera
  • Animating text and images
  • The Blank Wall Challenge
  • The magic of the cutaway
  • Interviews
  • Advanced audio editing
  • Simple lighting
  • Vox pops - comments to camera

iDEC Level 3

creating a long-term strategy
£ 495 ex VAT
  • Everything in Level 2 plus . . .
  • Regular video production
  • Video production templates
  • Timelapse videos
  • Lighting techniques for video
  • iDEC in the workplace

The best e-learning course I have ever taken.

In their own words

The course was brilliant. The presenters were incredibly knowledgeable and very approachable. The course was fast paced which made it even more interesting. We were producing videos within two hours.
I would do it again in a heartbeat! I have learned such a lot and I know that everything I took away will be put to good use - I literally can’t wait to get started on some of the work projects. Thanks to you all once again.
iDEC smartphone video e-learning

Essentials for your iDEC course

Before you begin your iDEC smartphone video course, you will need a couple of smartphone apps and some basic equipment.

iDEC smartphone kit

Tie-clip or Lavalier Microphones

Mini tripods

Smartphone rigs or cages