iDEC pre-course check

Apps and hardware that you will need

Before you begin your iDEC smartphone video course you will need a couple of apps for your phone and some basic equipment to enable you to fully maximise your learning.  We’ve prepared an iDEC pre-course video that outlines what apps and hardware we recommend for our courses.

Please take a look at the iDEC pre-course video and then look at the links below to help you find the apps and equipment online.

Please note, the cost of the apps and kit are in not included in the course cost.

Click the button below for videos to learn the Filmic Pro V7 interface and how to set up the app on your smartphone.

Essential iDEC kit

The following are ‘must-haves’ if you are taking an iDEC smartphone video course:

FilmicPro app icon
FilmicPro app icon

Smartphone video camera app

The camera app we recommend for our iDEC courses is Filmic Pro.

KineMaster app icon
KineMaster app icon

Smartphone video editing app

The camera app we recommend for our iDEC courses is KineMaster.

iDEC smartphone video cage

Smartphone cages

Smartphone cages come in many shapes and sizes.  We recommend aluminium or sturdy cages such as those made by Neweer or SmallRig. 

iDEC smartphone video mini tripod

Mini tripods

Small or mini tripods are ideal for simple camerawork and can be used for interviews and pieces to camera.  We have found the Manfrotto Pixi and the Polarduck Mini to be suitable.

iDEC Rode SmartLav smartphone video tie-clip mic

Tie-clip microphones

Tie-clip or lavalier microphones are essential for clear audio when recording pieces to camera or interviews.  You can find inexpensive mics that will do what you need, or you can get semi-professional mics at a higher price.

iDEC smartphone video extension cable

Microphone extension cable

Depending on the length of cable on your tie-clip mic, you may need a 2m or 3m extension cable.  Search for a 4-pole TRRS (tip, ring, ring, sleeve) 3.5mm mini jack.

Advanced equipment to consider

As you improve your video production skills you may want to consider the following useful additions to your iDEC kit.

iDEC smartphone video tripod

Full height tripod with video head

If you are filming a lot of interviews or pieces to camera a full-height tripod become essential.  When buying a full-height tripod, make sure it has a ‘video head’ rather than a ‘ball-head’.  A video head has a handle and can pan and tilt.

iDEC smartphone video Rode VideoMicro

Directional microphone

A directional microphone such as the RØDE VideoMicro is great for vox-pops and as a general ‘walk-around’ mic.  It fits on top of your smartphone cage.

iDEC smartphone video Rode Go

Wireless or bluetooth microphone

Going wireless can save a lot of hassle when you are setting up for your shoot.  Just remember to charge the batteries.

iDEC smartphone video Amaran top light

LED top light

A small LED light that sits on top of your smartphone cage can really help out in those low-light situations.

Smartphone rigs or cages

Mini tripods

Tie-clip or Lavalier Microphones