iDEC students from Police Digital Services conduct an interview using iDEC smartphone video techniques.

Police Digital Service

As a leading provider of digital skills training Brightest Bulb held a three-day iDEC course for the Police Digital Service in Birmingham.

The Police Digital Service (PDS) is a UK organisation responsible for coordinating, developing, delivering, and managing digital services and solutions that enable UK policing to safely harness technology to improve public safety.

With Police Digital Service students travelling to the Second City from all around the country, the course taught participants the fundamentals of smartphone video production, including camera work, video editing, directing, and producing.

All of the PDS students really enjoyed the course, with Learning & Development Manager Bryony Meredith saying: “I think the biggest surprise I found with Smartphone Video was how easy it is.”

During the course, students also learned how to add music and captions to their videos, as well as how to do simple audio mixing. They learned about microphone placement, how to use available light for interviews and pieces to camera, and how to make their videos come alive with cutaways.

In addition, students on the iDEC smartphone video course also learned how to:

  • plan and schedule their videos
  • shoot effective interviews
  • edit their videos for maximum impact
  • share their videos online

The iDEC smartphone video course is ideal for anyone who wants to learn how to create professional-looking videos using their smartphone. It is particularly well-suited for people who work in communications, marketing, or public relations.

Smartphone Video Skills for Police Communications

Video production skills that the PDS students learned on the iDEC smartphone video course will be invaluable to them in their work.

Here are just a few of the ways that the Police Digital Service students can use their new video skills:

  • onboarding videos for recruitment
  • event videos
  • interviews with staff-members
  • promotional and outward-facing videos
  • news and information on social media

The Future of Smartphone Video

Smartphone video use is on the rise in all sectors of society, and the police are no exception. By teaching their employees the skills they need to create professional-looking videos, PDS is investing in the future of police communications.

The iDEC smartphone video course is a great example of how Brightest Bulb is helping organisations to develop the digital skills they need to succeed in the 21st century.

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